My mission is to fight for equality and sustainability

Former top diplomat and director climate change, research and women’s rights at the Netherlands ministries of Foreign Affairs, Development Cooperation and Environment, OECD Working Party Chair, private sector advisor of the UN Secretary General, executive and co-founder of the Global Reporting Initiative, and numerous sustainability, research and development boards, both public and private.

Get to know more about my leadership skills and deep knowledge on climate change, sustainable development, the Sustainable Development Goals and human rights; and how I can help your organization, company, or initiative.


  • Invention and co-creation of innovative multi-stakeholder mechanisms, such as the SDG Business Reporting, the Famine Early Warning System, The OECD multi-donor funding mechanism for the women’s movement in different regions of the world; or the Report or Explain Campaign and Regulation scheme in the field of sustainability reporting.
  • Co-creation of smart government policy on sustainable development and responsible business conduct.
  • Steering and coaching upstart cutting edge organisations in the sustainability/human rights/development fields, including on fund raising.
  • International Research programming and planning in the field of climate, agriculture, social sciences, such as CGIAR, IPCC and regional research in Africa/Asia such as ICIMOD and ICARDA.
  • Speaking and chairing international conferences and round tables for a common agenda with a strategic and concrete outcome, incl at the UN General Assembly, UNCTAD, UNFCCC, UN Human Rights, OECD, business, civil society and academics forums.
  • Board membership of numerous boards with a mission.


  • Positive and inspiring.
  • Passionate about justice, angry about indifference.
  • Open, social, sensitive to others.
  • Natural team builder and bridge builder between opposites.
  • Creative and innovative, making things happen.
  • Curious and an eternal student.


  • Mother tongue: Dutch and Swedish.
  • Working languages: English and French.
  • Fair: German.
teresa fogelberg

I address the global challenges of poverty, inequality and climate, by studying their interconnectedness and by building solutions, using the force of innovative partnerships between business, governments, civil society and consumers.

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Inspiring reading

The Earth Charter: The ethical framework for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society in the 21st century
The Earth Charter: The ethical framework for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society in the 21st century

For those who want to look behind the Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs are described in technocratic UN language; the Earth Charter makes you understand the underlying urgency and ethical grounding.

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children of sanchez by oscar lewis
The Children of Sanchez – Oscar Lewis

Poverty seen through the lens from within.

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frogs in a a well - indian woman in purdah by patricia jeffery
Frogs in a Well: Indian woman in Purdah – Patricia Jeffery

Imagine yourself living in extreme seclusion or purdah. You can’t leave your dwelling, and if you do, you will have to wear such a heavy veil that you can’t even see through it when you try to cross the street.

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the story of an african farm by olive schreiner
The story of an African farm – Olive Schreiner

Need some inspiration from a hidden treasure of world literature? Good historic novels are all alike, but every brilliant historic novel is brilliant in its own way, to paraphrase Tolstoy.

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I am committed to contribute to future equality, inclusive growth and sustainability through:


High level speaking

Research and

Case studies

With over 30 years of building up knowledge and skills, I have been involved in many projects. Here are a few highlights where I explain the situation back then, what solution was found and what the impact was afterwards.

The invention of the global instrument for business to report their contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals


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Towards a stronger and more accountable Europe: the creation of the EU directive on sustainability reporting


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