the story of an african farm by olive schreiner

The story of an African farm – Olive Schreiner

Need some inspiration from a hidden treasure of world literature?

Good historic novels are all alike, but every brilliant historic novel is brilliant in its own way, to paraphrase Tolstoy. Schreiner’s novel made a lasting impression on her own generation and on myself, with its universal portrayal of a young woman’s coming of age, with stunningly beautifully pictured attempts towards freethought, feminism, and search for identity.

Schreiner (1855 –1920) was a South African author, anti-war campaigner and intellectual. She is best remembered today for her novel.  Her published works and other surviving writings promote implicit values like moderation, friendship and understanding amongst all peoples. She writes in a lively way and is able to share with us the characters -first children, later young adults – living on a farm in the Karoo, revealing their innermost thoughts, feelings and actions. Schreiner’ book reminds us of the fact that human rights are universal, not only in the geographical sense, but also over time; even if you are born as a poor farmers daughter in South Africa in the mid 19th century.